Dominik Koepfer’s No Signal Shirt Brings Back Memories

Dominik Koepfer‘s US Open shirt reminded many of the “No signal” sign from TV that was common years ago. The shirt from Bidi Badu captured many fans’ attention.

On its website where the shirt is available for sale, Bidu Badu says,

“We all remember the time when cell phones, the Internet, social media and television were not available 24/7. As kids, we sometimes found those times boring, but now we sometimes long for those same times back. When the focus was only on us. No distractions… That’s exactly the feeling we want to convey with our New York collection. Full concentration on the game, no distractions. No signal. A tribute to the time when the test card on the TV gave us the time to focus only on ourselves. The top provides optimal freedom of movement with an elastic and breathable material”

Give it to Bidi Badu for creativity and bringing back old memories.

It was not just the fans who were excited by the no-signal shirt. Even the US Open social media team got into the action.

Dominik Koepfer ended his first-round match against Carlos Alcaraz after a set and a half due to an ankle injury.

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