Carlos Alcaraz Gets Exclusive Clothing Line From Nike

Carlos Alcaraz is now wearing an exclusive Nike line of apparel. Only very few players have received that kind of treatment from Nike. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal used to wear exclusive clothing lines from the American brand.

Most players sponsored by Nike wear similar apparel at the tournament. This has led to many awkward moments on the tennis court when two players on the court, both sponsored by Nike, are wearing identical clothes.

But Nike has made exceptions for top players. Now Carlos Alcaraz seems to have made the cut to the top tier. At the 2023 US Open, he was wearing a sleeveless Nike shirt, a first for him.

Tennis pundits believe Carlos Alcaraz has the complete game to dominate tennis for a long time. So it’s not surprising that Nike has jumped on the Alcaraz bandwagon with an exclusive line of apparel.

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