Do Tennis Players Get To Keep Their Championship Trophies?

Winning a tournament is a big achievement for any tennis player.  To win a championship, a player has to win between 5 and 7 consecutive matches. That’s no easy task.

After winning the title, you see them pose for pictures with the championship trophy. But do they get to take it home? Not always.

Grand Slams

At grand slams – the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open – players appear in photo shoots with the original trophy. But they have to return the original trophy to the tournament.  The players are given a replica of the trophy to take home.

US Open gives the players a full-size replica of the trophy. Other grand slams give them miniature replicas.

Wimbledon replicas are about three-quarters the size of the original with the names of the winners engraved just like the original.

French Open replicas have varied in size over the years but are usually smaller than the original. When Rafel Nadal won his 10th French Open, he was given a full-sized replica.

Other tournaments

Masters level events and other smaller tournaments usually let the players keep the championship trophy as these trophies are not expensive. These tournaments also tend to change their trophies more often.

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