Daniil Medvedev’s Wife Daria Was Once A Promising Junior Tennis Player

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Daniil Medvedev’s wife Daria was once a promising junior tennis player. She was even ranked in the top 100 rankings. But when her tennis career was stalled due to injuries, she decided to study journalism in Moscow. 

Medvedev and Daria lived together for four years before marrying in 2018 when Medvedev was just 22.  Being a former tennis player herself, she understands the game and the challenges that Medvedev has to deal with on the court. Medvedev has credit Daria for his success on the court.

She gave me a lot of confidence. I always say that it’s the moment I made the proposal to her, that’s when I started to go up.

– Daniil Medvedev

TV cameras frequently show Daria’s expressions during Daniil Medvedev‘s matches. When Medvedev smashes a racquet or argues with the umpire,  Daria is often annoyed at his behavior.

Daria is originally from Moscow but the couple now lives in Monte Carlo like many tennis players. 

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