Daniil Medvedev Elated After Winning ONE MATCH at Roland Garros

Clay is not Daniil Medvedev’s best surface. In fact, he hates clay. You don’t have to ask him. He will tell you how much he hates clay – during matches and during the post-match press conference.

Here are some of Medvedev’s quotes on clay.

Honestly, there’s nothing I like on clay

There’s always bad bounces, you’re dirty after playing. I really don’t enjoy playing on clay

What can I do man??! This surface is awful!

You like to be on dirt like a dog? I don’t judge

Please disqualify me. It’s safer for everyone

But the quotes don’t quite capture his hate for the surface.  Not surprisingly, Daniil Medvedev had a rough clay-court season. When he came to Roland Garros, no one expected him to do well. Certainly, not Medvedev himself.

But Medvedev won his first-round match against Alexander Bublik in straight sets. He had accomplished the impossible – winning his first match ever at Roland Garros.

On its Twitter feed, the ATP Tour asked, “What’s your favorite Roland Garros moment?”. Medvedev couldn’t wait to chime in.

You have to love a top tennis player who likes to laugh at how bad he is on clay. He is currently ranked number 2 in the world.

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