Christopher O’Connell Brings New Ritual To The Tennis Court – Rubbing Used Balls On His Racquet

Tennis players have strange rituals. Whether it’s lining up water bottles or the number of bounces before a serve, every player has a ritual that they live by.

At the Qatar Open, Australian tennis player Christopher O’Connell was seen rubbing the string on his racquet with balls he had brought onto the court. After he finished conditioning the strings, he put the balls back in his racquet.

It’s not clear what O’Connell was trying to do. Maybe, he wasn’t happy with the string tension on his racquet. Or the logo paint on the strings was still too wet.

That certainly was a strange ritual but it’s not the first time it’s been done on the court. Retired Spanish player Ana Medina Garrigues did during her playing years but she used the balls that were going to be used for play.

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