Iga Swiatek – From “Do You Wear Makeup” To Lancome Partnership

French luxury perfume and cosmetics brand Lancôme has recently signed a sponsorship deal with Iga Swiatek. Swiatek took to social media to share the news, accompanied by a picture and a heartfelt message explaining her decision to collaborate with the brand.

In various press conferences, Swiatek has been asked about her use of makeup. This partnership serves as a response to those inquiries.

Commenting on the collaboration, Swiatek reflected, “As a teenager, I received an Idôle perfume by Lancôme as a gift, which I really liked. Since then, I’ve had positive feelings about the brand. I never imagined that I would be announcing my collaboration with such a prestigious beauty brand a few years later, becoming the first Polish ambassador for Lancôme and the first athlete among ambassadors like Zendaya or Julia Roberts. This is a significant milestone for me. I’m excited that this partnership will allow me to embrace my femininity, especially since as a tennis player, I mainly wear sports attire, limiting such opportunities. With Lancôme, we will launch a CSR project in Poland to support women in the job market. I look forward to this journey and urge you to stay tuned for more.”

Swiatek has emerged as one of the dominant forces in women’s tennis, achieving four Grand Slam titles by the age of 22. Her remarkable success has made her a highly sought-after figure for brands looking to align with her rising star.

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Coco Gauff Signs Sponsorship Deal With Black Haircare Brand Carol’s Daughter

Coco Gauff has recently entered into a partnership with Carol’s Daughter, a renowned black beauty brand. Acquired by L’Oréal USA in 2014, Carol’s Daughter specializes in creating hair, body, and skincare products tailored to the needs of black women.

Having clinched the 2023 US Open title, Coco Gauff has become a sought-after figure for sponsors. Regarding the collaboration, Gauff expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “Their expertise in natural hair care is unparalleled, and I am thrilled to contribute to their mission of empowering millions of women and young girls to embrace their natural curls and coils with pride and authenticity.”

Lisa Price, the founder of Carol’s Daughter, highlighted the significance of representation in sports, saying, “While the presence of individuals who resemble us in this sport may be limited, their influence is profound. It reaffirms the timeless belief: ‘If you can see it, you can be it.’ This collaboration holds a special place in my heart. When I established Carol’s Daughter, there was no established path for Black hair care brands. Now, after 30 years, the landscape has changed, offering numerous choices for our hair, our self-assurance, and our empowerment. With Coco, we honor the strength, beauty, and authenticity of future generations.”

Coco Gauff is among the highest-earning athletes globally, amassing over $16 million in prize money and endorsements in 2023 alone, solidifying her position as one of the highest-paid tennis players worldwide

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