Brands That Sponsor Katy Volynets

Katie Volynets, who has one of the coolest names in tennis,  is an American tennis player of Ukrainian descent. In 2023, she reached the third round at the Australian Open.

Despite her low rankings, she has defeated many top 10 players in her career. Her sponsors are Adidas and Head. She has earned less than $2 million in her career.

Katie Volynet’s Sponsors


Volynets has a clothing  and shoe sponsorship contract with Adidas


She has a racquet sponsorship deal with Head

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ATP To Test Doubles Changes In Mardid. Will The Changes Save Doubles?

The ATP is once again considering changes to doubles to enhance its appeal. Doubles has long struggled to attract fans and revenue, with most casual fans easily recognizing singles tennis players but being unfamiliar with doubles players.

One of the changes being experimented with in Madrid is the introduction of a 15-second shot clock after points that last less than 4 shots. Additionally, there will be no sit-downs in the first set. Furthermore, 16 of the 32 spots in the draw will be reserved for singles players, who can enter based on their singles ranking.

The tournament is also restructuring doubles to a five-day schedule in the second week, allowing more singles players to participate. Fans will also be permitted to move freely during play.

Doubles has undergone significant changes over the years, and it remains to be seen if these latest adjustments will resonate with players, fans, and tournaments. Madrid will serve as a testing ground to evaluate the effectiveness of these changes.

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