Brand Partners of Madison Keys

Madison Keys was introduced to the sport by her parents, Rick and Christine. Both her parents are attorneys. Her favorite tennis player is Roger Federer and her favorite singer is Taylor Swift.

Keys has ranked consistently in the top 25 of the WTA rankings. Her strong serve and powerful groundstrokes help her dominate her opponents. She is part of the next generation of Americans expected to take over USA tennis when Venus and Serena Williams retire. She has represented the USA in Fed Cup and in the Olympics.

Madison Keys’ Sponsors


Keys signed a deal with Nike when she was 14.  She wears Nike clothes and shoes on and off the court. In 2019, Nike featured an inspirational campaign with Keys, in which she says, “I never feel like I have to be stuck in any sort of lines.”


Keys has a racquet sponsorship contract with Wilson.  She uses the Wilson Ultra V3 racquet with Wilson natural gut strings.  Keys helped Wilson launch the Ultra line of racquets in 2017.


In 2017, Keys signed a multi-year deal to join the Evian water family.  Fellow WTA player Maria Sharapova has been an Evian partner for almost a decade.


ACUVUE , the maker of contact lenses has partnered with Madison Keys in 2018. ACUVUE is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. 

At age 17, Keys realized that she needed vision correction and was fitted with contact lenses.  As part of the See It Through the campaign,  Keys spreads the word about the importance of setting goals and following through.


Keys became an ambassador for Volvo USA in 2021. Volvo is originally a Swedish company but is now owned by Chinese company Geely Holding Group.

Kindness Wins

Keys is an ambassador for Kindness Wins, a nonprofit that encourages kindness in all walks of life. 

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