ATP Cup Ranking Points Is Unfair To Players

The inaugural ATP is in the books. The tournament produced some incredible matches, but also has proven to unfair to players.  Top players such as Reilly Opelka and  John Millman are not happy about the ATP cup. Here are some things that players have complained about. Consider the following data points.

ATP Cup is worth more than winning a 500 event

ATP Cup counts for an extra tournament on your ranking

Only 2 players from a country can play the ATP Cup

World Number 36 Reilly Opelka said, “For example, I’m (36) in the world. I’m not going to play because I’m the second or third-highest ranked American, and only the top two guys play,”  Opelka strongly feels that the ATP Cup should not have any ranking points since only two singles players from each country are allowed to play.

Australian player John Millman wrote on Twitter, “Every player has the chance to make the World Tour Finals and this is how it is justified as an extra tournament. When the ATP Cup was introduced it was announced that it would be included as an extra countable tournament. Meaning those who play it get a 19th countable tournament or if you play that and qualify for the ATP Tour Finals you will have 20 countable tournaments. For every player who doesn’t qualify for neither tournaments their ranking will be comprised of 18 tournaments. As opposed to the World Tour Finals the ATP Cup isn’t an even playing field in that it is harder to qualify for nations that have multiple players.”

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