Who Is Coaching Aslan Karatsev?

Aslan Karatsev is currently without a coach. He previously worked with Yahor Yatsyk for 3 years.  They split in late 2021 but the reasons for the split were not clear. From 2011 to 2013 he was coached by Andrey Kesarev.

While his split Yatsyk surprised fans, it’s not uncommon for players to split with their coach after an impressive run. Travelling can be grueling for coaches. Players also look to bring in new perspectives to take their game to the next level.

Given how much Aslan Karatsev improved under the guidance of Yahor Yatsyk, Yatsyk is one of the best coaches on the tour and certainly a strong candidate for Coach of The Year.

2021 was a dream year for Karatsev. He reached the semifinals at the Australian Open, won his first title, and reached the Top 20 in world rankings. He also won the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics in mixed doubles with Elena Vesnina.

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