Andre Agassi, Serena Williams, And Maria Sharapova Offer Online Tennis Lessons

Would you take online tennis classes from tennis legends such as Andre Agassi, Serena Williams, and Maria Sharapova?

Tennis lessons offered by these legends are 1 to 2 hours in total and don’t cost that much. In fact, it costs about the same as hiring a coach for an hour or two but you will be learning from players who have won grand slam tournaments.

Udemy – Learn from Champion Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi offers online tennis lessons at The course –Elevate Your Tennis Game: Learn from Champion Andre Agassi is 90 minutes long and touches on the basics of the game.

Topics covered include basic strokes such as forehand, backhand, and volleys. In addition, the course covers mental strategies to improve your results.

The course has 4000+ reviews and is rated 4.5 stars by those who took the course.

Cost: Full price is $99.99 but you can take it for $15 or less (Udemy has sales and coupons often to reduce your price)

Masterclass – Serena Williams

Another platform offering classes from experts is Masterclass.  Serena Williams teaches tennis lessons on Masterclass.

The course is 2 hours long. Course content includes basic tennis lessons, conditioning tips, and game-day preparation tactics.

Unlike Udemy which offers a la carte courses, Masterpass is based on an annual subscription. Feel free to check out experts in other sports or even other areas like writing, culinary arts, fashion, and photography.

Hundreds of experts offer courses on the platform. Garry Kasparov teaches Chess, Stephen Curry teaches basketball and Simone Biles teaches gymnastics.

Cost: $180/year (billed annually)

The Skills – Maria Sharapova

The Skills is a new Los-Angles based start-up offering regular people lessons from experts in the field. The Skills business model is very similar to Masterclass’s though it only covers sports. Users can pay per course or pay an annual subscription fee to all the classes on the platform.

Maria Sharapova is not only a tennis instructor on the platform, but she is also the chief athletic.  The platform is new and doesn’t have the breadth of courses like other platforms.

Cost: $69 per course and $149 per year for access to all courses on the platform.

Making the best of online tennis classes

No substitute for on-court time

Let’s be honest. There is no substitute for time on the court.  Online lessons give you tips but still need to spend time on the court to improve your game.

Take notes

Online classes may only be a couple of hours but there are nuggets of wisdom you will want to write down.  That way, you can review them and put them to practice on the court.

Review lessons

Online learning platforms give you lifetime access to the courses.  Review the lessons every few months to get the most out of them.

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