Alexander Zverev Splits With Federer’s Agency TEAM8, Family To Manage Business Deals

Alexander Zverev announced that he has split with his management agency, TEAM8. TEAM8 is owned by Roger Federer and has been representing Zverev for a few years.  Zverev also announced that going forward, his family, especially his brother Mischa and Sergei Bubka will take an active role in managing his business deals.

2020 was a difficult year for Sascha on many fronts. His ex-girlfriend Olya Sharypova accused him of domestic abuse. Zverev denied the allegations but the abuse details are backed by chat messages and appear to be true. He also announced that he is expecting a baby with another girlfriend Brenda Patea. Zverev and Patea were not on speaking terms but since the baby announcement, the two have reconciled. 

When Zverev was asked about the domestic abuse allegations at a post-match press conference, he pulled out his phone and read a message written by his public relations staff. Zverev has not been impacted financially by these allegations.

Zverev’s Adidas contract was up for renewal at the end of 2020. No details are available on where the discussions are but Adidas is likely to keep Zverev, who is one of the top young players on the tour.

Zverev is not the first tennis player to split from TEAM8. Grigor Dimitrov also split from Federer’s agency in 2018 citing too much emphasis on Federer. 

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