What Shoes Does Canadian Sensation Bianca Andreecu Wear?

Bianca Andreescu is the first Canadian to win a grand slam. That makes her a brand influencer not only in Canada but all around the world.  Nike signed her up early for a shoe and apparel deal.  Bianca Andreescu currently wears the popular Nike Vapor X shoes on the court.

Bianca Andreescu’s Shoes

Nike Vapor X shoes worn by Andrescu are very popular on the ATP and the WTA tour.  Federer has worn every version of the Vapor X shoes and made them popular among the pros and amateurs. 

Federer continues to wear the Vapor X shoes even though he has no sponsorship deal with Nike.  His Uniqlo endorsement deal covers only apparel.  

The Vapor X shoes are lightweight and provide a good snug fit. When moving around the court, your feet feel protected and gives you confidence on the court.

The shoes feature a new tread pattern that lets you glide easily on hard courts.  The durability of the shoes is decent but not great.  Most players will find the durability acceptable given all the other features of the shoe.

The shoes come in several colors and every Vapor X shoe looks great on the court. Nike offers a wide version of the shoe for those who prefer a little more room.

Bottom line

Nike Vapor X shoes are ideal for any player – professional or amateur.  The shoes are lightweight and provide excellent stability as you move around the court. These shoes are trusted by Roger Federer.  We all know that he only goes with the best!

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