Alexander Zverev Beats Thiago Seyboth Wild In Davis Cup (Both Are Accused Of Domestic Abuse)

Germany beat Brazil 3-1 in the Davis Cup qualifiers. In the first match of the tie, Alexander Zverev beat Thiago Seyboth Wild in straight sets. But tennis fans were not talking about the match. Instead, they were talking about how both players have been accused of domestic violence against their ex-girlfriends.

Wild is under police investigation and has a restraining order against him that prevents him from seeing his former girlfriend Thayane Lima. He is accused of physical and mental abuse. His ex-girlfriend also alleges that he cheated on her multiple times.

Alexander Zverev is under investigation by the ATP after his ex-girlfriend Olga Sharypova accused him of abuse. Sharypova alleged that on one occasion Zverev covered her face with her pillow until she could no longer breathe.

After the allegations surfaced, Thiago Seyboth Wild’s sponsor terminated their relationship. But Alexander Zverev has faced no consequences for his conduct. He has continued to have success on the court – even winning the 2020 gold medal at the Olympics.

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