Stefanos Tsitsipas Limited Edition Shoes Pay Tribute To Greece

Adidas shoes haven’t worked well for Stefanos Tsitsipas. He has consistently had problems with Adidas shoes and the laces. But that didn’t stop Tsitsipas from collaborating with Adidas to come up with shoes with his face on them. 

The shoes feature blue accents on the heel and tongue to show Tsitsipas’ commitment to Team Europe during the Laver Cup. The shoes also have a hidden Green flag on the inner lining. The shoe resembles the classic Stan Smith shoes.

The limited-edition shoes are available for sale in Japan, Europe and North America. Tsitsipas’s face is featured on the tongue of the shoe and his name is written on the side. You can buy them here. Many years ago when Novak Djokovic was sponsored by Adidas, he had similar shoes released. Djokovic is currently sponsored by Asics.

This is not the first time Tsitsipas’ face  has appeared on an accessory. Tsitsipas and his team wear masks with his face on them as well. 

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