Absurd Rule on Touching The Net Stuns Tennis Fans

When a tennis player touches the net during a point, the point is awarded to the opponent. That’s a well-known rule. At the Canadian Open, tennis fans and tennis players learned of a new tennis rule and they are not happy about it.

In his match against Milos Raonic, Frances Tiafoe touched the net but the still won the point. The umpire clarified to the players that if the part of the net that’s touched is outside the singles court, it’s not held against the player touching the net.

Milos Raonic wasn’t happy about the call saying, “I don’t have faith that they were being completely honest, but it is what it is. I think they just handled it badly.” Raonic went on to win the match in three sets.

The umpire initially gave the point to Raonic before backtracking. He tried to explain the rule to players but Raonic wasn’t satisfied. The supervisor was called on to the court and he agreed with the umpire’s decision. The umpire explained the rule to the fans but the Canadian crowed blood him.

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