WTA Rolls Out New Logo And Rebranded Tournament Categories

WTA is reinventing itself with a new logo, a modern look for its website, and the renaming of its tournament categories in line with the ATP. The rebranding took almost two years and was headed by brand consulting firm Landor.

This is the first refresh of the WTA logo in almost 10 years. WTA will also roll out its marketing campaign, “For The Game” with the help of top players.

New Tournament Categories

The WTA tournament categories will now be renamed as 1000, 500, 250, and 125 to match the ATP categories.

1000: Premier Mandatory and Premier 5
500: Premier
250: International
125: 125K

This change will allow casual tennis fans to understand which tournaments have higher ranking points and more prestige. But the prize money for the tournaments remains unchanged – women will continue to make less money than their male counterparts. Even with the rebranded categories, WTA will offer different points compared to the ATP.

WTA Website Gets New Look

The WTA website also gets a new look. The “For The Game” marketing campaign is prominently featured on the home page. The website also has changed its headline fonts to appear more appealing to readers.

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