What Is Protected Ranking In Tennis? How Does It Work?

Protected Ranking (PR) is a system used to help players ease back into competition after an injury break. Without protecting ranking, the player’s ranking will drop when the player is rehabbing, making it very difficult to qualify for tournaments.

Protected ranking is meant to help players coming back to the tour from injury after at least a 6-month break.  The player’s ranking is frozen based on his average ranking during the first three months of injury. A player can use the protected ranking for the first nine tournaments or up to nine months, whichever comes first.

If a player is out of action for 12 months or longer, the ranking protection will apply for the first 12 tournaments or 12 months, whichever occurs first.

To qualify for the protected ranking, the player must request in writing to the President within six months of the last tournament.

When you see “PR” next to a player’s name in the draw, it shows that the player has used his protected ranking to enter the tournament.

Protected ranking can only be used for entry to tournaments. It cannot be used for seeding purposes.

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