Umpire Calls Holger Rune As Casper, Rune Was Not Happy!

Casual tennis fans mix up Casper Ruud and Holger Rune. Their last names are similar. Ruud is from Norway and Rune is from Denmark – even their flags are similar.

Ruud is well-liked and is generally known for his good behavior. Rune, on the other hand, has had his share of challenges with the umpires and fellow players.

Recently, a funny incident occurred during the quarterfinal match at Basel when the umpire addressed Rune as Casper, which clearly is not his first name. 

Umpire: “Most of the time you’re good, Casper.”

Holger Rune: “I’m not Casper”

You can see the video of the conversation here.

Rune and Ruud have an interesting history and have had run-ins in the locker room. Rune accused Ruud of celebrating too much in the locker room and yelling in his face. Ruud disagreed with Rune’s version of events and the pair.

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