The Diet That Makes Novak Djokovic One of The Greatest Athletes

Novak Djokovic fans know he has been on a plant-based diet since 2010.  The plant-based diet helped him dominate the world of tennis since then.

Djokovic has frequently attributed his old diet his allergies and other health problems he was having at the time.

In the interview, Djokovic, says, not surprisingly, that he avoids gluten, dairy, and refined sugar in his diet.

He also mentions in the interview that he eats a lot of veggies,  through smoothies and salads.  He doesn’t like anything too heavy in the morning because that’s when he trains.

Djokovic also discusses how Dr. Cetojevic reached out to him and his family after seeing him struggle with respiratory issues at the Australian Open.

In his book, Serve To Win, Djokovic goes over his diet plan and how that changed his life.

While Djokovic’s diet plan may sound extreme, it is not uncommon for players to have a strict and sometimes strange diet. It works for them and makes them better athletes.

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