Tennis Balls Speed Up Drying And Act As Fabric Softener

Doing laundry can be frustrating. As you pick up your clothes from the dryer, you realize that they are all wrinkled up and still not fully dry.  You should try adding a couple of tennis balls to the dryer.

Dropping a couple of tennis balls in your dryer can improve your drying dramatically. This is particularly true if your laundry load includes comforters, coats, and pillows. As the tennis balls move around in the dryer, they create space between your clothes and prevent them from bunching up. This allows hot air to circulate more freely and improves drying time.

Another benefit of using tennis balls in the dryer is that you don’t need to use a fabric softener. The surface of tennis balls is soft and will fluff up your clothes just like a fabric softener would.

Tennis balls, which are made of rubber, can stink after moving around in a hot dryer for an hour. To overcome this, you can put your tennis balls in a sock. Putting your tennis balls in a sock will also reduce the noise the balls generate in the dryer.

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