Taylor Fritiz Signs On With Boss (And Nike Drops Another Tennis Player From Its Roster)

As anticipated by many, American tennis star Taylor Fritz has parted ways with Nike and joined forces with Boss. This move is notable as Boss is also endorsed by Matteo Berrettini. Fritz unveiled his new Boss attire at the Indian Wells tournament.

Nike has been gradually reducing its involvement in tennis, leading to the departure of several players. It comes as a surprise that they released Fritz, who has been one of America’s top players for a considerable period.

There were signs of change as Taylor Fritz was often seen wearing outdated Nike clothing from previous seasons, sparking speculation about an impending switch.

Commenting on his new partnership, Fritz expressed, “I’m at a crucial stage in my career and felt the need for a change. I’m thrilled about this collaboration with Boss, a brand that has a significant cultural impact.”

Daniel Grider, CEO of Hugo Boss, remarked, “Taylor Fritz is not only a remarkable personality on and off the court but also perfectly embodies our brand values. We are incredibly excited to have him as a brand ambassador for Boss in the coming years. This partnership not only reinforces our commitment to tennis but also strengthens Boss’s 24/7 lifestyle ethos.”

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