Brands Endorsed By Storm Hunter (Who Has The Coolest Name In Tennis)

When it comes to tennis, Storm Hunter undeniably boasts one of the coolest names in the game. In the thrilling tennis season of 2023, she ascended to the pinnacle of success by clinching the coveted world number 1 ranking in doubles—an achievement that etched her name in Australian tennis history as the third player to reach such heights.

Singles Journey and Doubles Triumphs

While Storm Hunter explored the world of singles, reaching a commendable career-high ranking of 119, it’s in the doubles arena where she truly shines. The year 2022 saw her clinching the mixed doubles title at the US Open alongside fellow Australian John Peers. Building on this success, 2023 witnessed her journey to the women’s doubles final, where she partnered with the skilled Elise Mertens.

Storm Hunter’s Winning Partnerships

  1. Mixed Doubles Glory (2022): Storm Hunter and John Peers secured the mixed doubles title, showcasing their synergy on the court.

  2. Women’s Doubles Final (2023): Teaming up with Elise Mertens, Hunter displayed her prowess in women’s doubles, reaching the final and leaving an indelible mark on the year.

Her sponsors are Lotto and Yonex. She has earned more than $3 million in her career.

Storm Hunter’s Sponsors

Storm Hunter’s success isn’t just confined to the court; it’s also reflected in her impressive sponsorships.


The renowned clothing and shoe brand, Lotto, recognizes Storm Hunter’s star power, having inked a sponsorship deal to outfit her in style on and off the court.


 Yonex sponsors Hunter’s racquets

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