Stefanos Tsitsipas Undergoing Tecar Therapy In London For Leg Injury

After the ATP tour finals in London, Stefanos Tsisipas stayed back in London to seek treatment for his leg injury at the ALO Physiotherapy Clinic in London.

Tsisipas has been struggling with edema on his leg. He has had this injury before and was getting better until it cropped up again towards the end of the year and hampered his play.

Tsitsipas is undergoing Techar therapy. Tecar is an energy technology used by physiotherapists to promote faster recovery among athletes.Β  In addition, he has also been doing medical pilates to accelerate his progress.

He reached the semifinals at the French Open in 2020. With the Australian Open pushed back to February 8, 2020, Tsistsipas will have time to get his body in shape for the 2021 season.

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