Players Complain About Slow Hard Court At Indian Wells

The courts at Indian Wells are slow. Many players including Daniil Medvedev are frustrated. The rallies are long and it takes forever to finish matches. The balls at Indian wells are bad too.

Speaking of the court speed, Medvedev said,

It’s a disgrace to the sport, this court. I will take five time violations to be as slow as these courts.

It’s a fricking disgrace to the sport, this court, we should be banned from playing here. And they call it hard courts. What a shame to call this awful court a hard cour

To make things worse, he also rolled his ankle during his victory over Alexander Zverev. The always quotable Medvedev had this to say about his toilet break, “I’ll go to the toilet but I don’t care, you can give me a time violation, I’ll be as slow as this court again. I don’t care, you can give me five time violations”.

Indian Wells courts have always been slow. Combined with the Penn balls, the pace of play appears to be slower this year.

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