Simona Halep Splits With Longtime Manager Virginia Ruzici

Simona Halep has split from her longtime manager Virginia Ruzici.  Halep has signed up with management agency Wesport. This development follows many changes that Halep has made to her team in recent months.

Halep broke up with Darren Cahill and chose former Serena Williams’ coach Patrick Mouratoglou. Halep has made these changes after her marriage to Toni Iuric, though it’s not clear if the changes are related to her husband.

Virginia Ruzici is a former tennis player from Romania. She won the 1978 singles title at Roland Garros. She won 12 titles in her career. She has been Halep’s manager for a long time and many hoped that she would stay with Halep until her retirement.

Though Simona Halep is a former world number 1 and has two grand slam titles, her home country of Romania doesn’t have a lot of management agencies that can manage a top star such as Halep. This has led to Halep relying on outside help to succeed on and off the court.

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