Shelby Rogers Graduates With A Degree In Pscyhology

American tennis player Shelby Rogers has graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Indiana University East. The WTA has partnered with Indiana University to allow women tennis players to get a college degree.

Though Rogers graduated in May, she could not attend the commencement ceremony because she was playing at the French Open during that time. But she received the diploma during a private ceremony on August 15 in the presence of her family and friends.

The ceremony and degree were special for me because I chose to forgo college to play on the pro tour. To be able to accomplish this for myself and for my family — everyone I promised — is an incredible feeling. To get a degree is something special. I did it.

– Shelby Rogers

In an online interview with fourth graders, Shelby Rogers said that she would be a sports psychologist if she was not a tennis player. She felt that athletes need help with the mental challenges of the sport.

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