Serena Williams Featured In Super Bowl Ad For Tonal

Serena Williams is featured in a Super Bowl ad for the Tonal, a company that makes home gyms. The ad encourages women to use strength training equipment just like men.

Serena Williams was an early investor in Tonal. The ad shows Serena Williams working out using Tonal equipment.  In the ad, she says:

Never be afraid of your strength, because your body is capable of amazing things. The one they said you shouldn’t have. The one driven by a power they can’t see.  Own your strength, and see how far it takes you

Tonal’s products are mostly used by men. The company plans to use athletes such as soccer Lindsey Horan and swimmer Simone Manuel in the coming months as part of its “Strength Made Me” campaign which encourages women to be strong physically and mentally.

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