Saudi Arabia To Host Next Gen ATP Finals – Five-Year Contract In Sight

Saudi Arabia is set to host the Next Gen ATP finals. The country which has shown interest in several sports events despite having no competitive players or teams, will host the event in the city of Jeddah. The tournament is currently held in Milan, Italy.

Next Gen ATP finals is an annual tennis tournament for top-ranked players who are under 21. The tournament does not count as an official ATP tournament but offers large prize money. The tournament incorporated experimental features in tennis before they are introduced in the ATP tour such as electronic line calling.

Currently, Saudi Arabia has an exhibition tournament, the Diriyah Cup, which pays players well despite being an exhibition tournament.

Saudi Arabia is looking at a five-year contract for the tournament. The country is also looking at hosting a women’s tournament in the country.

ATP is expected to face criticism as Saudi Arabia has poor human rights records. Top players such as Andy Murray have refused to play in Saudi Arabia because of its human rights policies.

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