Rublev Leaves IMG, Signs Up With Kosmos Management

Andrew Rublev has left IMG and joined Kosmos Management. Rublev had been with IMG since his junior days, making the split noteworthy.

Nike recently dropped Rublev despite his excellent results over the last few years. Though he doesn’t have a grand slam yet, Rublev has consistently been a top10 player.

Andrey Rublev has struggled to attract sponsors. First, he is from Russia and there are not many local sponsors in the country willing to sponsor tennis players. Second, he is considered too boring and doesn’t have the personality to attract media attention and sponsors.

Recently, Rublev announced the launch of Rublo sportswear – his personal brand of apparel. With his brand, Rublev hopes to spread the message of equality, kindness, and hope.

He is sponsored by Head, Bulgari, and Penhaligon. He has been the Russian number 2 behind Daniil Medvedev for the last few years.

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