Player Reactions to Kermode Firing

Players have been reluctant to offer their opinions on the decision to not extend ATP President Chris Kermode’s contract by a Djokovic-led group.  Here are a few that did.

Sam Querrey 

“Chris did a good job” but ‘the tournaments were very, very happy with Chris, a sign there’s an imbalance.”

Stan Wawrinka

“I’m really, really sad and disappointed about that. If you look what Chris achieved for the tennis, for every player, for every fans, for everyone around the tennis, it’s been amazing,”

“That’s, I would say, the funny part. I also read what player representatives said right now. It’s not like there is another option yet, or at least I don’t know.”

“I’m not in the council, I’m not in the board, so I don’t know everything. I don’t know everything that’s happening. I just know from the players’ side from what I know.

“So, for me, I think it’s not the right decision to make, but again, I’m not in the council, so I cannot talk because they know more things than I do.”

Nadal (comments were made just prior to the vote)

“In my opinion changing the president will stop the process of improving our sport. Chris did a good job…it will be good if he stays a while more.”

Nicholas Mahut

“We’re sad,” said Mahut, speaking to “I was supporting [Kermode] because he was doing a good job.”

Lleyton Hewitt

A disappointing decision! Chris has shown great leadership and has had the ability and vision to keep growing our sport. The Australian boys appreciate all that he has done for the Tour.

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