The Story Behind The Pineapple On The Wimbledon Trophy

Have you noticed that the Wimbledon trophy has a miniature gold pineapple on top? Here is the story of the Wimbledon pineapple.

In the 17th century, pineapples couldn’t be grown in the UK. They had to be imported. So they were difficult to get and expensive. A single pineapple could cost thousands of pounds.

Pineapples were symbols of wealth, privilege, and status. Being presented with pineapple was a great honor. The rich aristocrats often displayed the pineapple at the dining table. 

Because of its prestige, pineapples would be moved from one event to another until they went rotten. Pineapple rentals were common. People who were not wealthy would rent the pineapples to display at their event.

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