Opelka Fined For Wearing Hat During Trophy Presentation

Reilly Opelka won the Dallas Open on the back of a serving exhibition. It was a moment to celebrate but instead, he was fined by the ATP for wearing a hat during the presentation ceremony.

Opelka shared the ATP code violation record on his Twitter account. The wording on the document suggests that Opelka was warned about the hat but he continued to wear it.

If it’s an ATP rule to not wear hats during the trophy presentation, then we should expect Opelka to abide by the rule. Some players also wear hats with logos which may include logos of brands not sponsoring the tournament. That’s probably the reason the ATP rule is in place – to be fair to its tournament sponsors.

It’s not the first time Reilly Opelka has been in trouble with a tournament. At the US Open, he brought a tote bag with logos that were larger than what was approved by the tournament. He was fined $10,000 for the offense.

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