Novak Djokovic’s Team Prepares Suspicious Magic Potion During Match

In his match against Holger Rune at the Paris Masters, Novak Djokovic’s team was seen mixing his magic potion in the stands. They even had one of the team members move over to hide the mixing.

I am not saying Novak Djokovic is taking anything he is not supposed to but it definitely raises questions about what he is taking.

It will be stupid for Djokovic’s team to be mixing illegal substances in a stadium where cameras and thousands of people are watching. Many physios have secret drinks that they make for their players.

Whatever the drink was, it was meant to help Djokovic and he and his team probably doesn’t want other players to find the ingredients in the mix. The magic potion didn’t help Djokovic as he went on to lose in three sets to Holger Rune.

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