Nike Releases Ad Featuring Naomi Osaka And Serena Williams To Celebrate Women’s History Month

Nike has released a one-minute ad featuring black female athletes to celebrate Women’s History Month. Nike’s “We Play Real” campaign features Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, and other black female athletes.

The ad was also released in time to coincide with international women’s day. In addition to Serena William and Naomi Osaka, the ad also features soccer players, NBA stars, dancers, and astronauts.

Naomi Osaka has been vocal in her support for the Black Lives Matter movement. At the US Open last year, she wore masks bearing the name of black victims of racial injustice to encourage people to talk about the issue.

Nike has attracted a lot of criticism over the years for not speaking out on behalf of black athletes and for using cheap labor, sometimes child labor, in low-cost countries to make its products.

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