Netflix To Bid On Tennis Streaming Rights

Netflix is considering getting into live-streaming sports and tennis is one of the sports it is considering. It will be great for the sport to have a ubiquitous streaming platform like Netflix to show live tennis.

Amazon Prime which has been showing live-streaming tennis for a few years is planning to end its tennis coverage in 2023. That opens up opportunities for Netflix to bid for rights to stream tennis tournaments.

Rights for grand slam tournaments are complicated and it’s unlikely that Netflix will land them. But ATP and WTA tournaments, especially those in Europe, could be good targets for Netflix.

Tennis fans have long wanted a single online platform where they could watch both ATP and WTA tournaments. But that has been elusive due to the myriad of issues around TV and streaming rights.

Netflix has revamped its strategy in the past year. As its growth slowed in recent quarters, the company has been open to live sports and events, something the company wasn’t interested in prior years.

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