Naomi Osaka Loses Million With Crypto Exchange FTX’s Bankruptcy, Sued for Promoting Firm

Crypto fan Naomi Osaka is set to lose millions as the crypto exchange company FTX declared bankruptcy.  To make things worse, Osaka is being sued along with other top athletes such as Tom Brady and Steph Curry, who are also associated with FTX.

Last year, Naomi Osaka became a global ambassador for FTX. As part of the deal, she got an equity stake in FTX. Her payment was supposed to be made in cryptocurrency but cryptocurrencies have collapsed in value this year. It’s not clear how much equity Osaka received. But the equity is now worth zero as the company has declared bankruptcy. 

On the court, Naomi Osaka struggled all year with injuries. Her best grand slam result came at the Australian Open where she made it to the third round.

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