Brands Endorsed By Japanese Tennis Star Nao Hibino

Nao Hibino has been one of Japan’s top tennis players. She has had some big wins on the tour over top players. But she has not been consistent and has struggled to put together a string of wins at a tournament.

Hibino mostly plays a defensive game, though she has made a conscious effort to be more aggressive on the court in recent years. Her best shot is her drop shot, which she uses to surprise her opponents.

Her sponsors are Le Coq Sportif , Yonex, and  Brass.

Nao Hibino’s Sponsors

Le Coq Sportif 

Hibino has an apparel sponsorship contract with Le Coq Sportif.  Le Coq Sportif is a French company known by its famous rooster logo.


Hibino has a racquet sponsorship contract with Yonex. She uses the Yonex Vcore 98 racquet.


Brass offers services to couples to have a precious and memorable wedding.

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