Brands That Have Invested In Nadia Podoroska

Nadia Podoroska started taking tennis lessons at age 5. Her parents Irene and Marcelo are both pharmacists. She is of Ukrainian heritage – her grandparents are from Ukraine.

Podoroska has quickly made a name for herself on the tour. Sponsors have signed her up to lucrative endorsement deals to promote their brands.

Nadia Podoroska’s idol when growing up was Gabriela Sabatini. Though she spent her junior years in Argentina, she moved to Spain in 2018 to have better access to training and easier travel to tournaments.

Nadia Podoroska’s sponsors


Podoroska has an apparel and shoe sponsorship deal with Fila. Fila is a sportswear manufacturer that designs shoes and apparel. Fila is based in Seoul, South Korea.


Podoroska has a racquet sponsorship deal with Head. She currently uses the Head Graphene 360 Radical MP racquet.

Le Sante’

Le Sante’ is a pharmacy chain that also produces a line of personal care products. 


Disney+ is is a streaming network from Disney that features movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.


Podoroska is an ambassador for Pulver, a nutrition supplement brand. She has promoted Pulver on social media.

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