Matteo Berrettini To Join Team Europe For Laver Cup 2021

Wimbledon finalist Matteo Berrettini will be joining Team Europe for the 2021 Laver Cup in Boston. The event scheduled will be held between September 24-26, 2021 at the TD Garden.

Dominic Thiem, Roger Federer, Alexander Zverev are expected to be part of Team Europe. The roster is still being filled out and some players may pull out due to injuries or other conflicts.

Laver Cup is an annual event held indoors between Team Europe and Team World. Twelve matches are played over 3 days – 9 singles and three doubles. Wins on day 1 are worth 1 point, wins on day 2 are worth 2 points, and wins on day 3 are worth 3 points.  The first team to win 13 points wins the tournament. All matches are best of three sets, with 10 point tie-break if the match goes to a third set.

Team Europe has won all three editions of the event so far. The event is owned by TEAM8, a management company owned by Roger Federer. The tournament moves to a different city every year. Laver Cup is held two weeks after the US Open.

The tournament guarantees participation fees to players based on their ATP rankings but the tournament does not count towards players’ rankings. 

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