Who Is Marton Fucsovics Dating?

Marton Fucsovics is not currently in a relationship. Fucsovics was previosly engaged to Anett Boszormenyi. The couple was engaged in 2017 but broke up after planning to get married. Boszormenyi is a chef and participated in the cooking show, Konyhafonok in 2018.

Fucsovics shared the court with fellow Hungarian tennis player, Fanny Stollar in Budapest. Stollar is active on social media and often posts racy pictures. It is rumored that Fucsovics broke up with Boszormenyi because Boszormenyi was not happy that he was spending time with Stollar.

But Fucsovics is currently not dating Fanny Stollar. He has been in the Top 50 in the singles world ranking on the back of some good results. At the 2021 Wimbledon Championships, he became the first Hungarian to reach the quarterfinals in almost 70 years.

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