Marta Kostyuk’s Husband’s Distasteful Act Against Coco Gauff

Ukrainian tennis player Marta Kostyuk marked a significant milestone by competing in her first grand slam quarterfinal match at the 2024 Australian Open against Coco Gauff. While the occasion was undoubtedly memorable, it took an unexpected turn when her husband, Heorhii, sported a “Shake Your Cocos” hat that stirred controversy for being both distasteful and bizarre.

The intentional nature of this move is speculated, adding an element of shock, particularly given the close relationship between Marta Kostyuk and her husband. The assumption that she might have been aware of his choice in advance adds an extra layer of cringe to the situation.

Coco Gauff went on to win the match in three sets after losing the second set. But unfortunately, a lot of fans were focused on Heorhii’s distasteful act rather than the match.

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