Maria Sakkari Breaks Racquet With Her Hands

Maria Sakkari has strong arms and thighs that help her hit powerful shots. They also come in handy when she is angry.

Recently, she broke her racquet with her hands and thighs without much effort. After losing the game, she angrily hit the racket against the back of her shoes.  As she walked to her chair for a break between games, she tried to break the racquet with just her hands. When that failed, she held her racquet against her thigh and broke it into two with her hands.

Of course, Maria Sakkari is not the first to break a racquet with her hands. Stan Wawrinka broke a racquet in a similar fashion. Interestingly, not everyone is successful at breaking a racquet with their hands. Alex de Minaur tried and failed miserably.

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