Brands Endorsed By Marc-Andrea Huesler

Marc-Andrea Huesler made his grand slam debut at the 2022 Wimbledon Championships after finding success at the Challenger level. He won his first title at the 2022 Sofia Open. He has represented Switzerland in Davis Cup matches.

Not surprisingly, his idol is fellow Swiss tennis legend, Roger Federer. He speaks 4 languages – English, German, French and Italian. His dad is a psychiatrist and his mom is a teacher. Huesler’s sponsors are Wilson, Comtrade, and Fromm.He has earned $2 million in his career. 

Marc-Andrea Huesler’s Sponsors


Huesler has a racquet sponsorship contract with Wilson.


Fromm is a Swiss company that produces systems for transportation. The brand has supported many Swiss players over the years including Stan Wawrinka.


Comtrade is a group of software companies that offer IT solutions.

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