How Does Laver Cup Work?

The first edition of the Laver Cup was held in 2017. The format of the tournament is based on Ryder Cup, a golf tournament between Europe and the United States, which was established in 1927.

The tournament is named after Australian Rod Laver, who is widely regarded as one of the all-time greats of the game. Laver Cup is a partnership between TEAM8 (Roger Federer-owned management company), Tennis Australia, and Brazilian businessman and former tennis player Jorge Paulo Lemann.

How Does Laver Cup Work?


Laver Cup has two teams – Team Europe and Team World. Each team has a captain and six players.


Three players in each team qualify based on their rankings after the French Open. The other three players in each team are selected by the team captain. 


Laver Cup is played over three days – Friday, Saturday, Sunday. There are two sessions on Friday and Saturday, and one session on Sunday.

Each day, four matches are played – three singles and one doubles. 

Each player competes in at least one singles match but no more than 2 singles matches.

At least four of the team members must play doubles. A doubles team cannot play more than once, except on the final day if the scores are tied at 12:12.


Each win on Friday is worth 1 point

Each win on Saturday is worth 2 points

Each win on Sunday is worth 3 points

A total of 24 points is available during the tournament. The first team to reach 13 points win the Cup

Type of Court

Laver Cup is played on an indoor court or a court with a retractable roof.


The location is rotated between a city in Europe and a city in the rest of the world each year.

Prize Money

Each member of the winning team gets $250,000. No ATP points are awarded to the players.

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