Brands That Sponsor Kateryna Baindl

Ukrainian player Kateryna Baindl has struggled to break through past the early rounds at grand slams. She reached her peak ranking of world number 62 in 2018. In 2022, she married her fitness coach Michael Baindl, She previously went by her maiden name Kateryna Kozlova.

In 2015, she was tested positive for a doping substance and served a six-month suspension. Her sponsors are Fila and Wilson. She has earned more than $2 million in her career.

Kateryna Baindl’s Sponsors


Baindle has a clothing and shoe sponsorship contract with Fila. Fila is a South Korean company that makes shoes, apparel, and accessories.


Baindl has a racquet sponsorship with Wilson. She uses the Wilson Blade 98 Countervail.

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