Juan Martin del Potro’s Dad Left Him Broke By Mismanaging His Money

Juan Martin del Potro‘s financial life has been in a mess in recent months. His dad Daniel del Potro, who passed away in 2021, had been managing his son’s money, investing in businesses ranging from growing soy to a cereal producer.

But the business endeavors didn’t make money because Daniel del Potro didn’t have experience running business. Debtor started reaching out to del Potro after his father’s death. That’s when he realized the financial predicament he was in. Senior del Potro reportedly lost $30 million of his son’s wealth.

Daniel del Potro has been managing money for his son since the start of his career. It appears that Juan Martin del Potro was not informed of these business deals and was caught by surprise by the extent of his losses.

del Potro is very marketable in Argentina. He still has a few million in his bank account and has been slowly paying back his debt.

Juan Martin del Potro has been hinting at a comeback in February 2022. He has struggled with injuries on and off for many years. He missed the 2021 season due to his fourth knee surgery.

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