Brands That Sponsor Jessica Pegula

Tennisfansite Intro
Tennisfansite Intro

Jessica Pegula is the daughter of Terry Pegula who owns a vast business empire in entertainment, real estate, natural gas, and sports. Her family owns the football team, Buffalo Bills, and the NFL team, Sabres.

In 2019, Pegula entered the top 100 in the world rankings. Her best result on the women’s tour came in 2020 when she reached the quarterfinals of the Cincinnati Open.  Her current sponsors include Adidas and Yonex.

Jessica Pegula’s Sponsors


Pegula has an apparel and shoe sponsorship deal with Adidas. Adidas is one of the largest manufacturers of shoes, clothing, and apparel.


Pegula has a racquet sponsorship deal with Yonex. She currently uses the Yonex Ezone 98 racquet. She was previously using Babolat racquets. 

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