Internet Tries To Fat Shame Milos Raonic

Diego Schwartzman posted a picture on IG with Milos Raonic after the pair finished practice in which Raonic looked to have gained weight and had a new hairdo.

Internet being the internet started body-shaming the Canadian tennis star.  Trolls accused the Raonic of eating pizzas and not exercising during the quarantine.

Things got so out of hand that Schwartzman had to disable comments on the IG post.

But before Schwartzman disabled the comments, there was an interesting exchange between Fabio Fognini and Raonic’s girlfriend Camille Ringoire. Fognini claimed that Raonic had “eaten an elephant” and Camille responded “just a breadstick and bagel” and referred to the match score in their last encounter (6-1 and 6-0 in favor of Raonic).

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